Brave doesn't fill passwords immediately - very annoying

Brave doesn’t fill passwords immediately (on page load). In other browsers (edge, opera, epic…) you have just to click “log in” button. But in Brave, you have to click password field, select account and then click “log in” so you have to click three times instead of once.

It sounds like a trifle, but it’s very annoying, especially when is brave set to clear cookies so you always have to log in.

I enabled “auto sing in” option in settings, disabled “fill passwords on account selection” flag, but brave still doesn’t fill passwords immediately. Could you please add option that would enable immediately password autofilling?

Are you seeing a different behavior from Chrome?

In general, the reason why the extra click is needed is for security. There have been a lot of attacks in the past where malicious sites where using hidden forms to trick browsers into auto-filling credentials which these sites could then steal personal data, for example:

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I understand, but:

  1. I think in this way they can steal only other autofill data (addresses etc.), not passwords, because they are autofilled only on sites where you saved them.
  2. Mozilla Firefox is immune to these tricks, but it still fills passwords immediately.
  3. These articles are more than 3 years old and I think chromium project developers have fixed that issue.

Do you have an example of a site where Firefox fills it in automatically and not Brave?

Did you try Chrome on that site?

On page load:




Brave - when I click username/password field:

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In chrome and firefox I’ve noticed that username and password font changes when you click log in or edit password. That means sites can’t see password and username until you edit them or click log in because browser only shows preview to you. There’s no need to show passwords only when you select account.

Why you have to fix that:
Example: logging into Protonmail:

Brave loads page with lightspeed, but then you waste time with selecting an account.
As a result, logging into Protonmail is still faster in Chrome and Firefox although they load pages more slowly.

Brave is not asking to save passwords and info very annoying, the site i am using is and Brave is not accepting save password option