1.52.130 - can't find individual cookies

I used to be able to find individual cookies and delete them. I have upgraded to 1.52.130 and no longer have this ability. Am I missing something? All that’s possible is deleting all the cookies at once.


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Brave added back the feature that was removed from Chromium.

it is in brave://settings/content/all and then, for example, you end up in the page: brave://settings/cookies/detail?site=www.youtube.com
where you can see the individual cookies and the other storages can be cleared as well.

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I have also wondered what happened to the old Cookie prompt; where I was able to click the lock icon in the URL bar, click “Cookies”, and view all domains and their individual cookies for the loaded website.

Now It only shows the domains loaded and not the individual cookies.

Extremely counterintuitive and only makes my life 10x harder when trying to view or delete individual cookies.

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