What happened to brave://settings/siteData aka the ability to clear individual cookies?

I had the siteData page bookmarked and would frequently visit it in between sites to delete cookies of the previous site I was on. I notice just now that my bookmark redirects to the general settings page. And when I tried finding the siteData page again through the settings, I am unable to do so. I also can’t seem to find a similar feature to delete individual cookies anymore.

If I can’t delete individual cookies from the sites I visit, that’s a deal breaker for me. I don’t want to block all cookies as I do want to be able to make use of those cookies while I’m on a particular site to remain logged in etc. But once I leave I want my quick and easy way to remove those cookies.

I also don’t want to clear all cookies after every site visit as I used a pw manager which relies on cookies to keep me logged into their browser extension.

Why would you remove this feature in an update?? Or is it still there and has just been moved to some unintuitive section of the settings? Because I can’t find it on any the pages dealing with cookie settings.

So the bookmark doesn’t work and you automatically think they removed the option instead of using the search function and update the bookmark which obviously is not working because Brave/Chromium changed something?
I am sorry but that doesn’t make much sense.

Anyway it is in brave://settings/content/all that’s where you can clear cookies and other storages stuff.

BTW in brave://settings/cookies you can use Sites that clear cookies when you close them so you don’t need to manually do it in some sites.


I was able to get to this before. This link does not allow me to view or delete individual cookies. I can delete all the cookies for a site, but I’m a software developer, and this is not useful to me. If the functionality to view and delete individual cookies still exists, I cannot find it. I also consider this a deal breaker.

Addendum: I’ve checked this functionality in Chrome as well. It appears that Chrome also no longer has this functionality. It is likely a change with all Chrome-based browsers. I am unhappy about this.

You can also use the View Site Information for that, the one you get in the address bar, the thing is in Chrome you can only see cookies information, not other storages, but you can clear them individually.

For anything else you need Devtools, but in the end we have to remember that cookies can hold login data and other sensitive information, I don’t think any browsers that allow that.
And it seems doing it through Devtools is just better.

that page in settings, is mostly to review general data, like individual sites data and how many cookies and other storages it has and the sizes. It’s been like this for a long time for sure.

There are also software like https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/chrome_cookies_view.html where you can see all cookies stored in the Chromium browser, latest version 1.73 couple months ago even added Brave cookies file in the settings, so you can easily use it with Brave if you really want that, I think Devtools is enough so never used Nirsoft for this case, but it seems to do the job.
It only applies to cookies, not Local or Session Storages or IndexedDB or anything.

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Awesome and wonderful. I had no idea you could see cookies through DevTools, which is good enough for me.

As a side note, though, I personally don’t feel it is ever a good idea to store truly secure information in a cookie. If a browser can open a cookie, so can any clever user (though apparently, it required a user more clever than me).

In any case, thank you for the time you took to respond.

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