Removing individual cookies and site data. Is it even possible?

Hi, for the longest of time i have been using firefox, until they decided to wreck their entire addon library over the bs with Gab or smth.
My question as suggested by the title is how the removal of individual site data is possible in Brave.
In firefox it was as simple as right clicking on a site, clicking site data and essentially having the ability to remove anything pertaining the specific site within 2 clicks.

Trying the same for brave leads me down a rabbit hole of “how this should be working in chrome”, but oh joy, im not using chrome, im using brave which is just based on it, literally being unable to find the options.
The only thing i found once was the option to flush ALL cookies and site data, which seems completely absurd to me.

Any and all help is appreciated on the matter.
If this is not resolvable please take this as a very hard suggestion on adding this feature cause its used for everything from resetting faulty site options to fixing login issues.

You can click lock icon at URL bar.


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Thank you!
Exactly what i was looking for. I have no idea why i never found this anywhere while googling for individual cookie deletion.

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