0.58.18 Ubuntu: Cannot remove a site from rewards by clicking on x

I have 0.58.18 on Ubuntu 18.04, and was upgraded from 0.56.x last several days.

Issue: I can’t remove a site from Brave Rewards.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Menu | Brave Rewards or brave://rewards
  2. Click on “See All Sites”
  3. Find a site to exclude. Hover over the ‘x’. See the flyover of “Exclude This Site”
  4. Click the ‘x’. Nothing happens. Click click click.
  5. Close the window with ‘x’ in the upper right. Navigate back to brave://rewards
  6. Still see the site you wanted to exclude

Please fix soon. Some commercial sites in my list don’t deserve to get BAT as they are rich corporations.

Thanks for reporting @AndrewB,

We’ve an issue logged for this here https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/1693. The team is working to fix it.

Thank you

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Ah yes. That looks like the issue, @eljuno. Thanks. I’ll subscribe to watch 1693, thanks for the link. This looks like a doozy of an issue.

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