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Release Notes

Running list of release notes for each version update. If you notice that this list has not been updated, please message me directly (@Mattches) and let me know.

v0.65.120" (Latest release -- Hotfix #1)


Brave release channel hoftix for v0.65.118 has been applied.
Hotfix changes:

  • instead of publisher name is shown on Brave Panel.(#3417)
  • Panel not showing twitch publisher info for VOD.(#3590)
  • Cannot tip to Twitch channels.(#4680)
  • {{balancse}} being displayed when restoring wallet under Norwegian locale.(#4880)
  • Upgrade from Chromium 75.0.3770.80/75.0.3770.87 to Chromium 75.0.3770.90.(#4888)
  • Added Terms of Services link prior to Brave Rewards opt-in. (#3124 )
  • Added a new proxy endpoint for CRLSets. (#3920)
  • Added privacy warning on Brave Sync code page. (#4132)
  • Added more information under brave://rewards-internals to improve rewards debugging. (#3624)
  • Updated design for brave://settings. (#955 )
  • Improved error message for wrong device time when attempting to use Brave Sync. (#3962)
  • Removed source and referrer URLs from download metadata. (#2766)
  • Fixed not being able to join Brave Rewards using rewards panel when profile has been corrupted in certain cases. (#3697)
  • Fixed publishers not being displayed as verified in certain cases. (#3780)
  • Fixed incorrect system colors when changing theme to “Light”. (#4059)
  • Fixed “Extension” overlay issue in brave://settings. (#3444 )
  • Fixed capitalization for “Same as macOS” theme option under brave://settings. (#3832)
  • Fixed incorrect brave://history page pre-load UI. (#3826)
  • Fixed typo on Brave Sync page. (#4088)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 75.0.3770.80. (#4724)
v0.64.77 Hot fix 2

Hot fix #2 release notes:

  • Upgraded Chromium to 74.0.3729.169. (#4526 )
  • Added a manual refresh button to fetch new version of the verified publishers list. (#3339)
  • Added new proxy endpoint for Safe Browsing. (#4328)
  • Added switch under brave://settings for IPFS companion extension. (#3918)
  • Added notification for monthly tip contribution. (#3637)
  • Added horizontal scrolling under Brave Shields on read-only detailed views. (#1892)
  • Added regional filters in brave://adblock. (#1931)
  • Added custom filter selection in brave://adblock. (#403)
  • Enabled certificate revocation. (#518)
  • Disabled Safe Browsing in Tor. (#4335)
  • Updated Brave Shields colors and label UI. (#2565)
  • Fixed theme under Brave Shields not being changed when switching themes. (#3870)
  • Fixed “Reset settings” feature under brave://settings. (#2708)
  • Fixed notifications not being dismissible under reward panel in certain cases causing performance issues. (#4344)
  • Fixed updating from older versions of Brave fails to enable Brave ads. (#4224)
  • Fixed “Brave Ads has arrived!” notification not being displayed when updating on Linux. (#4202)
  • Fixed blank drop down menu under Brave Shields in certain cases. (#2488)
  • Fixed not being able to enable Brave Rewards in certain cases. (#3851)
  • Fixed incorrect attention percentage being displayed under auto-contribution table in certain cases. (#3668)
  • Fixed attention data for publishers not being removed when removing publishers from auto-contribution table. (#3459)
  • Fixed several resizing issues by making rewards panel height dynamic based on content. (#2874)
  • Fixed IPFS companion options page not being displayed. (#4218)
  • Fixed “This is a secondary installation of Brave” error when attempting to set Brave as default. (#3817)
  • Fixed autofill popup for credentials unexpectedly being displayed in odd locations upon page load. (#1713)
  • Fixed brave://crash not crashing brave:// tabs. (#4111)
  • Fixed visiting and several other websites triggering warning due to the lookalike url navigation feature. (#4304)
  • Fixed not loading due to default Brave Shields settings. (#4149)
  • Limited JavaScript set cookie lifetime to seven days. (#3443)
v0.63.55 Hotfix

The latest Release Channel update has been bumped to v0.63.55 and includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed display of Ad Rewards earnings in settings panel. (#4008)
  • Removed expiration date from the rewards UI for grants received from ads. (#4169)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 74.0.3729.131. (#4278)

Notable fixes and additions

  • Enable Ads on Release Channel.(#4209)
  • Option to clear browsing data on exit.(#492) :tada:
  • Widevine prompt needs to be more obvious to the user.(#1940)
  • Added global navigation bar under brave://settings. (#956)
  • Updated buttons throughout Brave to match product branding. (#3378)
  • Updated checkboxes throughout Brave to match Brave color palette. (#3377)

Full release notes:

  • Added the ability to opt-in to user private Brave ads. (#4209)
  • Added ability to clear browsing data when exiting Brave. (#492)
  • Added prompt when websites request Widevine permissions. (#1940)
  • Added global navigation bar under brave://settings. (#956)
  • Added brave://rewards-internals to assist with rewards support. (#1174)
  • Updated buttons throughout Brave to match product branding. (#3378)
  • Updated checkboxes throughout Brave to match Brave color palette. (#3377)
  • Fixed characters being removed from URL when typing into omnibox. (#3756)
  • Fixed intermittent hang on when right clicking the page. (#2410)
  • Fixed not being able to auto-contribute even though the required BAT is available. (#3897)
  • Fixed auto-contribution table remains corrupted after upgrading Brave in certain cases. (#3510)
  • Fixed YouTube publisher information not being displayed under the rewards panel in certain cases. (#3335)
  • Fixed favicon for verified publishers not being displayed correctly under the rewards panel. (#3783)
  • Fixed special characters in YouTube channel names not being displayed correctly under the rewards panel.(#2028)
  • Fixed attention percentage not immediately being updated under the rewards panel. (#3497)
  • Fixed auto-contribution table not being updated under brave://rewards in certain cases. (#2911)
  • Fixed not being able to exclude sites from auto-contribution table under brave://rewards. (#2943)
  • Fixed translations on the rewards panel for various locales. (#3426)
  • Fixed restored publishers being removed from auto-contribution table when brave://rewards is opened in multiple windows. (#3264)
  • Fixed publishers that are excluded being toggled back to included in certain cases. (#3551)
  • Fixed bookmarks not propagating to other devices in certain cases. (#3777)
  • Fixed sync process initiating before the sync chain can be fully created. (#2687)
  • Fixed bookmarks being synced when there’s no devices associated with sync chain. (#3509)
  • Fixed crash when opening brave://sync in Tor window. (#3003)
  • Fixed crash when opening brave://sync in Guest window. (#3522)
  • Fixed being able to access brave://rewards and brave://sync using the settings menu under Tor window. (#3410)
  • Fixed brave:// pages being added into browsing history. (#3493)
  • Fixed not being able to install Brave under Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo”. (#4157)
  • Fixed several UI issues on the rewards panel for Manjaro/Arch Linux distros. (#1555)
  • Fixed loss of “clickable area” under the New Tab Page for top site tiles. (#3487)
  • Fixed bookmark and pin buttons under the New Tab Page for top site tiles. (#3347)
  • Fixed not being able to print under (#2286)
  • Fixed videos not playing under (#2931)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 74.0.3729.108. (#4192)
v0.61.51 - v0.61.52 (hotfix)

Notable fixes and additions

  • Yubikey doesn’t work with Brave.(#3558)
  • videos not playing.(#3562)
  • Move hardcoded exceptions rules to more specific rules and unify exception handling.(#3475)
  • Upgrade from Chromium 73.0.3683.67 to Chromium 73.0.3683.75.(#3669)

Down the pipeline

Full release notes:

  • Youtube videos with custom paths should show in Rewards panel correctly.(#1886)
  • Minimum visits for publisher relevancy setting not being respected.(#2110)
  • Typing chrome://sync autocompletes to chrome://sync-internals.(#2603)
  • SiteRemovalNotification doesn’t disappear w/o explicit user closing.(#2772)
  • Auto-contribute table is not visually updated in brave://rewards after reactivating rewards.(#2892)
  • Outdated install dialog loads chrome install url.(#2942)
  • Add a new setting that allows Brave Rewards icon to be hidden when inactive.(#2975)
  • Wrong Attention value in auto-contribute table when Allow contribution to non-verified sites is changed.(#3015)
  • Add confirmation dialog after first establishing a monthly tip that indicates amount and date of first tip.(#3023)
  • Tor not working just after clean install.(#3058)
  • Tab separator is too thick.(#3081)
  • BR panel shows Include in Auto-Contribute as enabled when a-c is disabled globally.(#3103)
  • Update design for Brave Rewards onboarding (first time view on opt in).(#3123)
  • Two banners at the same time.(#3125)
  • Add support for specifying custom enable/disable feature switches.(#3209)
  • Sync: do not leave zombie devices after sync chain is deleted.(#3225)
  • Youtube publisher is shown for media publisher.(#3244)
  • [hackerone] #492048 - .onion domains leaks.(#3249)
  • Sync “No internet connection” error dialog should be general error dialog.(#3278)
  • Verified publisher status is inconsistent in tipping panel between YouTube channel page and on a video page.(#3312)
  • Incorrect attention % values in ac table after visiting excluded site.(#3341)
  • No Tor in a Tor window.(#3349)
  • New tab flashes white - follow up to 1876.(#3362)
  • Calls to BAT-Native-Ledger are blocked when a reconciliation is in progress.(#3393)
  • Move hardcoded exceptions rules to more specific rules and unify exception handling.(#3475)
  • Yubikey doesn’t work with Brave.(#3558)
  • videos not playing.(#3562)
  • Upgrade from Chromium 73.0.3683.67 to Chromium 73.0.3683.75.(#3669)

Bump to v0.61.52

  • Upgraded Chromium to 73.0.3683.86. (#3813)

Notable fixes and additons in v0.60.45:

  • Added ability to tip Twitch publishers. (#1814)
  • Fixed public content settings not being inherited by private window. (#1373)

  • Added backup wallet notification under reward panel that notifies users who have not backed up their wallet. (#1164)
  • Added notification under reward panel that appears three days before contribution if wallet has insufficient BAT. (#1479)
  • Added recurring date within the tip table under Brave Rewards. (#1834)
  • Changed rewards publisher list being fetched every 48 hours to 24 hours. (#3171)
  • Updated default search engine list. (#3316)
  • Updated new tab page background images and refined design. (#2504)
  • Updated icons under new tab page. (#1593)
  • Fixed summary under rewards panel being cleared when restarting Brave. (#3055)
  • Fixed insufficient funds notification being displayed when wallet has more than enough BAT. (#3212)
  • Fixed being able to tip even though Brave Rewards is disabled. (#2214)
  • Fixed auto-contribution table not working if “Minimum page time before logging visit” is set to one minute. (#3320)
  • Fixed HTTPS Everywhere not working correctly on some websites. (#1535)
  • Fixed sizing of several action icons that appear in the URL bar. (#2295)
  • Fixed tipping option in certain cases not being displayed under rewards panel. (#2089)
  • Fixed Twitch icons under rewards panel not being displayed in certain cases. (#1521)
  • Fixed whitespace at the beginning or end of the recovery key prevents successful wallet recovery. (#2665)
  • Fixed being able to tip YouTube publishers in certain cases even though “Allow contributions to videos” is disabled. (#2463)
  • Fixed URL and icons under reward panel mismatching in some cases. (#2073)
  • Fixed “add funds” link not working under rewards panel when wallet has insufficient BAT for tip. (#2628)
  • Fixed 2FA with Google Accounts when Brave Shields are enabled. (#1356)
  • Fixed publisher “Thank you” banner displaying incorrect letter after tipping. (#2718)
  • Fixed publisher “Thank you” banner showing generic favicon instead of custom publisher image. (#2668)
  • Fixed deleted publishers not always being restored when using “Restore All” under auto-contribution table. (#2551)
  • Fixed notification under the rewards panel being displayed when rewards is disabled. (#2957)
  • Fixed crash reporting under Windows 7. (#1188)
  • Fixed crash reporting under Linux. (#1251)
  • Fixed WebTorrent becoming unresponsive when resizing window. (#3034)
  • Fixed auto-play issues on and (#2522)
  • Fixed videos not working under (#2843)
  • Fixed stats on new tab page overlapping when resizing window. (#341)
  • Fixed display issues when hovering over icons on new tab page. (#494)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 72.0.3626.109. (#3358)
v0.59.34 - v0.59.35 (hotfix)

Notable fixes/additions in v0.59.34 update:

  • Brave Sync added to release channel! (#3180)
    • This is not a drill! Sync (beta) is now available on release channel. Note that Sync is still in its early phase and currently only includes bookmarks sync between devices. We appreciate your patience as we flesh out Sync to include more of your data. Read more about how to set up Sync on our Help Center.
  • Added ability to enable and disable WebTorrent via Brave settings. (#897)
  • Fixed PDFs being opened in Brave even though “Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Brave” has been enabled in Brave settings. (#1531)

Full Release Notes:

  • Added ability to claim BAT grants using the reward panel. (#1783)
  • Added support for custom tip amounts for publishers. (#2645)
  • Added request confirmation before opening external applications. (#542)
  • Added dark theme support for Developer Tools. (#784)
  • Improved the Brave welcome experience. (#1847)
  • Enabled viz service display compositor. (#3105)
  • Reduced user fingerprint by always returning constant values for navigator.mimeTypes and navigator.plugins. (#1549)
  • Replaced several icons under Brave Rewards with new icons. (#1825)
  • Fixed auto-contribution table being corrupted when changing “Minimum page time before logging a visit” via Brave Rewards settings. (#3134)
  • Fixed publishers being removed from the auto-contribution table when “Minimum page time before logging a visit” is changed and Brave is upgraded or restarted. (#3162)
  • Fixed reward panel not always displaying Welcome screen on first click which caused issues creating wallets. (#2962)
  • Fixed several instances of incorrect crypto addresses being displayed in Brave Rewards. (#2172)
  • Fixed weight for each publisher within auto-contribution not being calculated correctly. (#3163)
  • Fixed Widevine notifications not appearing under YouTube and Amazon Prime when viewing premium content and Widevine is not installed. (#1985)
  • Fixed disabling auto-contribution also disabled YouTube tipping. (#2084)
  • Fixed notifications under Brave panel not being dismissible in certain instances. (#2883)
  • Fixed several instances of rewards panel not displaying YouTube publishers due to different URLs. (#2820)
  • Fixed pending contributions to unverified publishers not being dynamically updated under Brave Rewards. (#2890)
  • Fixed Brave Rewards summary sometimes displaying incorrect tip amounts. (#2332)
  • Fixed non-verified publishers not being displayed in Brave panel when unchecking “Allow contributions to non-verified sites” in Brave Rewards settings. (#2653)
  • Fixed “Next Contribution Date” under Brave Rewards displaying incorrect dates in some instances. (#2206)
  • Fixed non-verified sites being added into auto-contribution table when “Allow contributions to non-verified sites” has been disabled. (#2111)
  • Fixed “Send My Tip” button under Brave panel not displaying cursor. (#2744)
  • Fixed specific headers for promotional campaigns not being used when Brave first starts up. (#3143)
  • Fixed not being able to make Brave the default browser under Linux. (#1274)
  • Fixed favicon not appearing on several custom brave:// pages. (#1466)
  • Fixed Brave Shields blocking images when device language is set to Japanese. (#2482)
  • Fixed several strings under the hamburger menu not being translated. (#2831)
  • Fixed several icons under the toolbar that appeared too thick when not using retina screens. (#2327)
  • Upgraded Tor to (#1974)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 72.0.3626.81. (#3146)

Bump to v0.59.35

  • Fixed issue with sync library. (#3207)

Notable fixes in this update:

Full Release Notes:

  • Added new contribution flow for unverified publishers. (#2836)
  • Removed icon fetching for unverified media publishers. (#2717)
  • Fixed several CORS issues due to Brave Shields. (#2252)
  • Fixed JavaScript being able to load Brave schemes. (#2861)
  • Fixed not being able to exclude websites from the auto-contribute table under Rewards. (#1693)
  • Fixed auto-contribution table not being updated correctly in certain situations. (#2882)
  • Fixed auto-contribution still occurring when Rewards is disabled or the auto-contribution toggle is toggled off within Rewards. (#2804)
  • Fixed recurring tipping still occurring when Rewards is disabled. (#2815)
  • Fixed not being able to play media on Reddit. (#1999)
  • Fixed images failing to upload on GitHub. (#2034)
  • Fixed not being able to login into (#2521)
  • Fixed videos failing to load on (#1581)
  • Fixed not being able to login into (#2411)
  • Fixed not being able to search on (#2341)
  • Fixed not loading in Brave. (#2864)
  • Fixed “Save Link As…” being disabled under the right click context menu when selecting “brave://sync” in settings. (#2849)