Zone Alarm deleted Tor from Brave Browser saying it was a virus


When I clicked on New private window with Tor, I suddenly got a pop up from Zone Alarm saying my computer had a virus. I clicked to clean and it deleted something saying tor not-a-virus is a virus.

Then when I clicked on New private window with Tor, I got a message saying,

No internet

There is something wrong with the proxy server, or the address is incorrect.



I realized the Zone Alarm had identified Tor in Brave as a virus. Why it hadn’t up until now, I don’t know. Perhaps it was part of Zone Alarm’s new update.

I uninstalled Brave and then reinstalled it hoping that would fix the issue. It didn’t. I opened up Zone Alarm’s setting and gave Brave ful access. Still it doesn’t work.

Anyone have any ideas?

Which file did it false positive? Would you mind uploading to VirusTotal for us and sending the link at the top of the browser so I may see the SHA?


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