Tor.exe trying to run and malwarebytes flagging tor.exe as malware


I just downloaded and installed the Brave browser for the first time.

Malwarebytes says this:

Is “tor.exe” the malware that Malwarebytes claims it to be?



Hello @Zyre!
Some users may need to add an exception in order to bypass certain malware detection.

Just to confirm, you did get the update from the official Brave github repo, correct?


I navigated to

Clicked this link: image

Which called this URL:

I never went to “Github”.


Some McAfee thing blocks tor.exe as well so the install fails. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to add an exception since it is my company’s machine. Bye-bye brave, I guess.


Glad to know the included tor.exe is not malicious, but means I can not use it as my primary work browser. Is there another way to do file distribution?

Have been happy with Brave for the past few years, sad to see it go.


@Zyre, apologies - just wanted to confirm you got it from an official source. If that’s the case than as I said before, you may need to add an exception if Malwarebytes is blocking the connection. Some users have been reporting that they receive a warning from anti-malware software but they’re still allowed to get through.

Hope this helps


It has come to our attention that some antivirus software mark tor.exe as malware, which is not generally true. (It is possible that there are illegitimate things called tor.exe, but we ship our own build of it in Brave.) We may be able to arrange something with antivirus vendors, but I don’t know – we’ll see.


@Zyre @Caze @sardonimous If you upgrade, Brave 0.29.31 shouldn’t execute tor.exe or talk to the Tor network unless you choose to open a private tab with Tor. If your malware scanner blocks only the execution of tor.exe, this may work around your problem. (If your malware scanner refuses the installation of any file named tor.exe, that’s a different story.)


Correction: I meant 0.23.31, not 0.29.31.


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