Zebpay shows only current month balance

Issue: Zebpay app only shows current month BAT balance. Previous month’s BAT balance are vanished

Who is your verified custodian? : Zebpay

Are you in a supported region? Yes, India

Zebpay only shows balance of current month’s BAT to zebpay account. Any previous month’s BAT balance are vanished like after 30 days. I didn’t use those BAT balance for any other purposes. I just let it in my portfolio as BAT balance but every month only the new BAT balance are shown, old BAT balance just disappears.

In the above images, it is clearly showing history of BAT transfer from Brave to Zebpay account for each month but “Zebpay BAT Balance” (in the same image) shows only latest transferred balance.

It shows only March (1.3475 BAT) in “Zebpay BAT Balance”.

February (1.3675 BAT)
January (2.07036 BAT) are not accumulated in total BAT balance

In the another image of my portfolio, like i previously said, only latest month BAT balance is shown


“ZebPay charges a monthly fee of 0.0001 BTC + GST (18%) for inactive accounts that have not had any trades or active lending terms in the previous month. The fee is charged on the 1st of the month and deducted from your crypto or INR balance. The fee is reduced if your crypto and INR balance is below the fee and automatically waived if there is even one trade done in the month.”

Would suggest that you make atleast one trade each month to avoid the membership fee.


0.0001 BTC = ₹ 606 at present

are you saying me they charge around ₹600 for inactive accounts?

FIRST, I sign into my account frequently

SECOND, I have main account in another app. I opened this Zebpay account just to receive these BAT token earned each month which would roughly reach maximum of around 2 BAT (~₹60) each month

For this small amount received each month, i don’t want to make any trade of high value. This is not worth it.

I came to Zebpay just to make trade with only BAT received through Brave browser🫠

Well, it is what it is.

You don’t have to make a high value trade, just the minimum amount but given your low BAT earnings, it might not be all that fun.

@vishwanthS there has been a lot of discussion on some of this over at Information for users connected to ZebPay that you may want to read through.

I am going to summarize some points that you should have noticed if you read through all the terms and information available at ZebPay.

  1. If you have any balance in ZebPay itself and don’t have any transactions made, they will charge you membership fees. You can see their whole long article explaining it at https://help.zebpay.com/support/solutions/articles/44001941277-membership-fee-faqs

decided to institute a monthly wallet fee of 0.0001 BTC + GST (18%) (or its equivalent in any other cryptocurrency or INR). This wallet fee covers a fraction of our total maintenance cost. ZebPay will continue to pay for the rest.

  1. If you try to send your BAT from ZebPay to another crypto wallet, they will charge you 88 BAT. You can see this at https://zebpay.com/features/pricing

What has been decided is those using ZebPay should not sweep BAT or any cryptocurrency into their ZebPay account unless they plan on doing monthly transactions or will immediately withdraw the balance into their bank.

I mention the bank as ZebPay claims there are no fiat withdrawal fees. From what I’ve heard from others, they aren’t charged when doing this. But I say it with a grain of salt as the link I provided about pricing shows the 88 BAT or so crypto withdrawal fee for BAT. So I’m not sure if the limit is just the idea of whether you’re withdrawing in fiat or what?

Regardless, if you leave your ZebPay account with no balance, they don’t charge you. So many are letting their BAT balance accrue and then only sweep it into ZebPay when they are ready to withdraw it to their bank account.

And before you say anything about how the fees are high and they should make other options available, that’s already the goal. You may want to check out my post and the links I provide over at PSA: Current and upcoming changes to Rewards and Creators