Zebpay charging exorbitant fees if no trading done every month

Hi all, I have noticed that ZebpPay is charging around 1000 Satoshi as platform fees if there is no trading done every month. Uphold never charged any fees of any sort. Why do we have such a thing in connected accounts. Has anyone received any email related to fees.


Surprised to see that no one has faced this issue

@ak82 it’s already been discussed, which is why nobody is really speaking on yours.

It’s not hard to avoid any fees. Perhaps you may want to read through everything over at Information for users connected to ZebPay

It’s better to take out all of your funds as soon as you receive them in ZebPay to somewhere safe & trustworthy.

As already mentioned there. If you don’t transfer the amount received in the brave rewards balance to Zebpay, balance, there’s no fees.

I have received emails from them stating that since there is no trading activity for a month, we will be charging 1000 Satoshi as monthly fees. To avoid start trading atleast Rs 100 per month or lend your crypto for 30/60/90 days. However BAT is not available for lending feature.

@ak82 you didn’t click on the link I shared, did you? Before you argue or complain, it’s very important you pay attention and read. As everything you are speaking about has already been explained and avoiding fees is incredibly easy. For example:

Thank you for contacting ZebPay’s support.

Please note, connecting your account to brave rewards and getting BAT deposited to your Zebpay account each month will not be considered as an activity to avoid membership fee.

You need to do at least one trade (buy/sell) in a month or use our lending feature to avoid membership fee being applied to you for that particular month.

The membership fee is not charged to all accounts. The membership fee is only for inactive accounts (accounts with no trades in the previous month).

To ensure our members do not pay any membership fee, we give various options so that you can reap benefits of all our features which helps them not only to trade but to earn passive income and earn yields from profits made by ZebPay:

  1. If you trade even once per month, you won’t be charged the membership fee.
  2. Alternatively, if you do not actively trade and would like to hold onto your coins as a long term investment, refer to the link below to see our new “Lending” feature:

We make all the attempts to ensure our users are aware of the membership fees.
Information about the membership fee is available on your app under the menu section (three lines on top left of your app) under Fees section and also available on our terms of use on our website as well that every customer reads before investing.

Please understand that the membership model was implemented as there is a cost associated to maintain an inactive account.

Please check the link below for more information:

And also…

  1. If my balance is Zero, will the membership fee cause my balance to go into negative?
    Nope. It will never be negative. If you don’t have any assets in you Zebpay account, you won’t be charged the membership fee.
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@Saoiray - I have gone through the link and my question still remains the same. Also what might seem easy for you may not be same for others. Anyways I have stopped using Brave Rewards feature since it does not amuse me anymore. All i care about is the privacy features and nothing else.

If that’s too hard to you, then you shouldn’t ever be online or set up any accounts.

Dude, the answer is you withdraw BAT right away and you don’t get any fees. You only get membership fees if you put money there and don’t touch it. That doesn’t sound hard at all, does it?

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Bro. the best thing you can do, is that you can just let the BAT sit in the brave rewards balance and leave it there until it becomes a substantial amount (No fees for this BAT balance as it is not in Zebpay yet), then move that over to Zebpay and sell it and then withdraw. This way you get the fee waived off as well as pay less withdrawal charges over all. I don’t understand what’s so hard about this. I do it!

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Thanks a lot for that simple answer i was looking for. I will just do that as you mentioned.