Youtube's new policy after December 10th

According to this article,

and many others my account will be banned from YouTube and all of google services if they found that my account is not commercially viable i.e, using AdBlockers.

Does that mean I have to disable Brave Shields on YouTube or Brave has a counter measure for that? Fast response will be appreciated.

Considering how many Google trackers it has, I’d say this site has bias.

The best way to look into this is as follows in my opinion

  1. Try an extension called ToS:DR (I am not affiliated, just like their extension)
    It tells you about poor Privacy policies/Terms of services practices.
    or here’t-r/hjdoplcnndgiblooccencgcggcoihigg?hl=en
  2. If that doesn’t suit your liking, try the Duckduckgo priv. essentials extension
    Has a similar API to ToS:DR and is Brave partenered (also not affiliated).
  3. Read the new ToS and develop your own opinion.

I also found a decent read on reddit if you’re interested.

Hope you found this helpful.


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