Brave browser is now adware? so disappointed

I like using Brave, or I should say I liked using Brave, but I have to stop using it since they have decided to hijack youtube ads with their own, and they give no option to skip the ad, you have to sit there for 1-2 minutes or more depending on the ad before you are allowed to watch the video. This is with the blocker option turned off and the rewards options turned off. So sad they had to do this. Back to Chrome.

This is expected if you have your Shield DOWN. If you want Brave to protect you from ads, then you need to put your Shield UP.

And no. This is not from Brave. If you have your Shield DOWN, then Brave will not block the ads shown on that website. Which is in this case is an ads from Google/YouTube itself.

You have to turn on the shield ON to not see ads… OFF = ADS

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