Youtube suggested videos

Does anyone is having issues with youtube showing suggested videos?

Yesterday i was able just to see one video and today i can not see suggestions

I haven’t had an issue where YouTube’s “Suggested Videos” have disappeared or… as you said… dropped down to only showing one (or fewer). BUT… I have noticed that the “Suggested Videos” feature seems to work ‘differently’ when I watch YouTube in Brave.

By ‘differently,’ I mean… when I watched YouTube (sometimes all damn day… dog!) in Chrome… the suggested videos seemed to be very dynamic. I could look at the first couple of rows of suggested videos, and if I didn’t like any of them… I could just… click the YouTube Premium logo (Home) in the top-left of the browser… and it would refresh the page with mostly all new suggested videos. Some videos would still appear at or towards the top… but for the most part, they were all new.

In Brave… it seems like if I have, let’s say… ~16 top suggested videos and I click the Home logo again… ~10 of the 16 are still there, often in the same place even. I don’t know if this is a new YouTube thing that is happening across the board… or if this is a… “YouTube’s Suggested Videos just works better in Chrome” issue.

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