Youtube webpage slowing down while using adblock

I’ve heard the situation about youtube slowing down their webpage for the users using adblocks, i’m assuming it’s affecting on the brave browser as well

disabled adblock and its running smooth, turned it back on it took few seconds

anyone having similar experience?


Yeah its the same for me


Which extensions have got installed?

Is tagged IOS so I assume no extensions since we cant add those there.

And yeah, youtube got extremely slow recently on ipad (im using an ipad pro so is not because im using a potato). Any other website works fine but youtube is so sluggish even scrolling takes 2-3 seconds before it actually starts moving. I assume is google artificially slowing the website yet again to “fight” against adblockers.


Got the same slowdown here on iPad Pro M1 with iPadOS 17.2. I thought it was the latest update from Brave, but now, reading your comments, I understand it is another battle between YT and add blockers. I’m using Opera meanwhile because I don’t have this issue.

this may affect other devices as well, but its better waiting rather than watching a 30 second unskipple advertisement :joy:

  • We have no control over this, slowdown is their issue not Brave.
  • Shields works 1000% better than Adblock or ABP, Just uninstall these extensions on Brave.
  • Mixing 2 adblock extensions will cause more issues on other sites, (anti-adblock warnings showing up)

i’ve only used brave shield and no other extensions, unfortunately it’s still affecting for me

This is probably redundant but I started having issues with YouTube yesterday, the site doesn’t load fully, the page will not scroll and tying in comments is so slow that it is almost impossible to coordinate between key clicks and what appears in the text field.

I switched between tabs and none of these problems occurred on other pages - in fact other sites were loading almost instantly whilst YouTube’s pages were still blank.

I know this is YouTube’s doing and not the fault of Brave but up until now, I haven’t experienced YouTube’s tactics. Fortunately for me, most of the channels I used to watch on YouTube are now on Rumble, Bitchute or elsewhere and those that are still on YouTube, I usually watch on my Android TV box using a sideloaded app which I probably shouldn’t mention by name but has so far not been affected.

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