Youtube shows me the ads

Brave does not block advertisements on youtube. They start automatically before the video and even does not appear the button to skip them.
I just installed the latest version of brave on windows 7 64-bit

Help please

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Feel free to provide more info about your issue.


Quite odd. I don’t have that issue. Do you perhaps have the BAT option on? If it is then disable it if you don’t want advertisements. :slight_smile:

Brave Ads is not appears on website, but as a system notification. :sweat_smile:

Oh that’s quite odd, I had YouTube ads until I turned off the BAT option. Not sure what version I’m on but I believe I am on the latest one.

By turning off BAT do you mean disable Brave Rewards?

Yes, but It is not relevant with this issue. It is not about Brave ads, it is about shield. I think the shield must be updated for new Youtube system by developers.

See my comment regarding youtube ads;

now it works. I donno, i ve waited like 2 days and it s working fine.

Thank you all

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