Why are ads on youtube showing?

I have ad blocking on most youtube videos, but recently I’ve started to have ads even tho the blocker is active and shouldn’t show any ads, I don’t know if its a problem on my side of things or if google finally found a way to go around the adblocking software.

I just know its really annoying and kinda defeat the purpose of using brave when you have to watch 2 video advertisings in a row before watching the content or music video.

Maybe it might be a bug or as you said, google have found a workaround ad-blocking but let us hear from @Mattches

Could you test in Brave Beta?

Currently a known issue – we’re addressing this presently and could use as much data to diagnose as possible:

Google is paying Brave to allow ads, not block them, for the settings to not work.

I am having a similar issue, in that Brave will not let me block youtube autoplay.

When it comes to money, brave accepts payments to lower the security level for the most atrocious violators of privacy like Google.

Couldn’t be further from the truth.

Quite the jump from “This is a bug in the software” to “The biggest tech company in the world is paying the [tiny] Brave team to allow advertisements to play on Youtube”.


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