Need help fixing Brave not letting me login to Youtube compared to Chrome

Description of the issue: Youtube throws up an error every time i try to login using the Brave Browser. i get “Oops, something went wrong! There was an issue logging you into youtube, Troubleshoot here.” And then takes you to their troubleshooting page where none of the 3 options at all provides any help, my account is not suspended and cookied for the site are enabled.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. go to the youtube login page
  2. enter your information
    3.when attempting to login after the information is entered, you cannot login because of an error page.

Expected result: It logs me in and lets me access my youtube account

Brave Version( check About Brave): V1.37.116 Chromium build 100.0.4896.127.

Additional Information: Iam running a windows 7 premium build home pc, and when i login with the official chrome browser, it works as expected, i checked my extensions and removing them from brave did not fix the issue. This is highly annoying as i should not have to use a flagship browser of Google that duck duck go themselves have stated Google happily sends your data to their servers. "Google doesn’t care about protecting user privacy,” privacy-centric DuckDuckGo warned this week, when Chrome’s privacy label was finally revealed, “they care about protecting their surveillance business model. If they really cared about privacy, they would just stop spying on billions of people around the world.”

Have you tried turning off Brave Shields?


It happened to me before. I did the following

I changed my secure dns to google public dns,, cleared browsing data, flushed dns, and restarted my device.

Why will changing my dns to googles public one fix it? And yes, i tried turning off the shields, it has nothing to do with brave shields as it does it regardless of whether they are on or off. I tried changing my dns server and it didint work, its still the same issue and it only happens with Brave set as my default browser, not Chrome.

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