YouTube limiting Video Quality on new Videos in Brave

Brave Team… Looks like YouTube is limiting quality of new uploaded videos on their server to 360p unless a supported browser is used for Playback. See message below from YouTube as to which browsers are supported. Any chance Brave will fix this?

This is what you see on one of these Videos uploaded to YouTube … “Missing Options?” after clicking the settings Cog, and then choosing Quality.


Which then brings you here…

Hi @stevecedrone thanks for sharing.

Could you kindly share your OS and browser version?
This will help us to evaluate what the issue is.



Linux Mint 21.1 & Brave 1.52.117 (Flatpak)

Thanks for sharing @stevecedrone

Unfortunately, I am unable to replicate the issue. Is that the latest version of Linux Mint that you have installed?
Also did you have this issue in the past?

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