Some YouTube Videos Are Stuck In Low Quality

Sometimes on YouTube there are videos that are stuck in low quality (480p or less) and there is no option to change it. I have tried disabling all of my extensions (aha music identifier, dark reader, uBlock origin, vidIQ, and google hangouts) and the brave shields, but nothing worked. I had some brave experiments enabled, so I reset them to default, but still, nothing happened.

It seems to happen on videos randomly, and pretty rarely, so I can’t really reproduce them.

With Brave(480p):

With Chrome(1080p):

I am using 1.12.14 Chromium: 83.0.4103.97 (Official Build) nightly (64-bit) and Windows 10 OS Version 2004 (Build 19640.1)

It has also happened with other YouTube videos at as low as 144p (A.K.A. Unwatchable)
Refreshing the page doesn’t work either.

Hi @superscooper, Welcome to Community!
Does it happen to the same video after refreshing the page?
Can you share the url to the video you’re demonstrating in the gif?

I managed to find @superscooper’s video url:
The resolution can go up to 1080p on this video for me on Brave, with shields on but I don’t have any extensions installed.

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