Community Feedback -> Increase the video size limit of community to atleast 70mb instead of capping at 8mb(to avoid poor quality videos)

i have discovered an new trick for improving brave browser experience which i want to share but im annoyed by the 8mb video size limit… Due to this, i always wanted to lower the bitrate a lot to fit the video into that 8mb size… Please dont be stingy as it also stresses me out while im about to share such low bitrate videos…

its not like many users are uploading videos… since not many people post videos, it should not be a tough choice to increase video size limit to 100mb. If not atleast 70mb would be decent limit. THANKS

It’s a real creativity killer. I’ve been there, trying to share game clips and ending up with pixel mush. It would definitely make a huge difference if platforms could be a bit more generous with their video size limits to preserve the quality of what we’re excited to share.

In the meantime, while we wait for those limits to hopefully increase, using a free mp4 editor can help optimize your video’s size without sacrificing too much quality. It’s been a game-changer for me, allowing a bit of wiggle room to work within those tight constraints and still get my content out there looking decent.