Youtube desktop version freeze after upgrade to 1.52 ios

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Description of the issue:
After upgrade to 1.52 playing youtube clips using the desktop version stopps after some minutes. The tab freezes completly. Other tabs working fine. Mobile version plays the clips fine.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open new tab, go to youtube desktop version, play any clip.

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Ipad pro first gen, ios 16.5.1

Additional Information:
Before update everything played fine.


Same thing happening to me.

Same here. The whole youtube site doesn’t work well after a minute or two, page and video will freeze and stop refreshing. Sometimes audio will still be playing. I’m on ipad mini, the youtube desktop version worked fine before the 1.52 Brave update

Same here, after yesterdays update to Version 1.52 ( is impossible to watch videos in any video site, be it Youtube, Odysee or

Now all the videos freeze after a few seconds playing and also freezes the whole tab and the whole brave UI constantly. The freeze happens when you interact with the video player itself such as pausing/resuming the video, adjusting the seeker bar, enabling CCs, etc.

This device is an iPad Mini 6 running iPadOS 16.5.1

I already tried deleting all caches and restoring brave settings to default to no avail.

Same thing happening to me too on iPad mini and pro

Thank you all for writing in and reporting. The team is currently investigating.

Our ad blocking scripts causing some performance problems sorry, we work on a fix.
As a workaround please press 3dot menu → request mobile website then it should work.
The problems seems to happen only in desktop mode, iPad uses desktop mode by default

I already did a post but I will write it here too.

I had this problem where half of the page is blank where I can scroll up and down but can’t see anything, being slow to open the keyboard, writing what I typed, loading the results and sometimes the video will continue playing without image just the sound.

The app crashes and I can’t press anything I close the app and open it again to make it work until I watch one video and it happens again.

I tried uninstalling and installing the app again, restarting my device and it still doesn’t work.

I’ve been dealing with this problem since the last week hoping that it would be fixed with the new brave update but it got worse.

July 10th: Refreshing the page kinda fix the video being stopped but it’s really annoying that you need to find where you left the video every time YouTube doesn’t work with brave.

And yes I checked if it was my wifi connection but no it is not because I can open another tab and search anything while YouTube keep crashed.

My device: iPad 7th generation
Version: 16.5.1

Version 1.52.1 fixed the youtube issues.

Thanks for the quick fix!

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Hi there I have updated the app to 1.52.1 and iOS 16.5.1 (c) on my device. I still facing the same issue and also there is a bug on the web browser I can’t press anything I must close the app and reopen it again. On the community page I can’t send this comment on brave Browser current situation I am using Default Browser.

I still facing issue with youtube on the mobile website it can’t load the side videos and descriptions. I have updated to the latest version of brave app on my iPad the version is 1.52.1

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