Youtube is showing Ads even with AdBlock enabled

Honestly, title says it all. It started within the past week. Ads are still supposed to be blocked on youtube. I am on Windows 10, brave is up to date. I am using Nord VPN typically, but ads show without it enabled also.


That’s why some folk run another adblocker on top of brave shield… the redundancy helps out in case brave shields gets broken until fixed…

For instance, I run brave shields, ublock origin, and privacy badger. I haven’t seen an ad on youtube in brave for literally years…

Can you please tell me what Brave version you’re using at this time? Additionally, are you referring to ads that play in-video, or are you referring to ads on the webpage itself?

1.24.82 but it also happened with the very last version before I updated it. I tried clearing my cache and relogging also. I’m referring to the ads that play at the beginning of videos and intermittently throughout. Not the ones that are an actual part of the video like raid shadow legends or express VPN and the like. I am fully aware that those Don’t get blocked and that’s not an issue whatsoever for me.


Also I just checked with a whole bunch of videos that would give me ads on another browser or on my YouTube app on the phone, it seems random and it’s only hitting one in every few videos at the beginning.

Thank you for the information. Let me reach out to our Shields team and see if they’re aware any changes that may cause this issue.

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Sample video that consistantly give you ads, and the geo location?

I am experiencing the same issue. Pre-roll ads are playing. This is happening on all of my devices running Brave. (Two laptops and a desktop)

No changes to Browser configuration as I use the same settings I have since I installed Brave.

Hey , I have the same problem on brave beta , also watching ads don’t give any bat since 1st of May .

use ublock origin as well. it helps

Even uBO is showing youtube ads

Youtube has been rolling out ad updates for some people. Not sure if this helps but adding the following into brave://adblock


Let me know

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Thanks for the suggestions y’all. I’ll give them a shot when I’m able to. I’m buckling down for security plus but after I test Thursday I’ll start messing with the computer and see if these things work.

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