Youtube has a white screen on mobile phone (Android)

Just had an update for Brave browser, unfortunatly it didn’t fix the problem. :anguished:

I’m also seeing this issue. Thumbnails, audio all present, click play and white screen

Before, I had this problem on Chrome too but that is fixed, it’s only with Brave browser that YT gives a white screen.

Hello and thank you all for reporting.
Trying to get a handle on this issue as I’ve seen multiple reports — can anyone here encountering this issue please confirm that it’s still present in the latest build of the browser (1.64.113)?

Go to brave://flags , search vulkan, it will show Vulkan, Vulkan Angle,etc. Play around with those and change them to enable/disable. This will solve the problem.

Yes. And it happens with Instagram stories as well. The problem is with Vulkan in Brave flags. Really annoying. Brave should solve the problem immediately.

Can everyone here please confirm for me what Android version they are using when seeing this issue?

I can watch Youtube again with Brave browser. No more white screens. I didn’t do anything, no updates or changing settings, but since a few days the problem is solved. I think the problem was with YT. Anyways… I’m glad I can use Brave again and I would like to thank everybody who tried to help. :+1: