Youtube channel adding a second one from another google account

I have 2 Youtube accounts under 2 different Google account, the second one is a brand account, and 1 is a personal account. The Brave rewards verification only allows me to add my personal channel (which I don’t use) and not my brand channel, which is the main channel that I use. It automatically will add my personal channel without giving me the option to choose between the two. . I tried removing my personal channel, and then logging back into the youtube account, then adding the channel again, and it still automatically chooses the personal channel.

what to do ?

Are both channels tied to the same email address?

nop, the second one is attached to a second email address, but, I tried to log out from the Brave Rewards from the 1st email address and log in with the second, but this time I do not get the confirmation link ( not even in the spam box ).

So don’t know what to do =(

Can you send me a DM with the email associated with your publisher account so I can take a look on my end?

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