Multiple YouTube channels on one Google account


I understand that you’re blocking the ads on my website and YouTube channels and asking me to sign up for your network to get anything in return. Fair game, I’ll sign up.

However, the account signup only lets me select one website or YouTube channel per Brave account. I’ve already signed up my website with one email address and my primary YouTube channel with another, but all of my YouTube channels are connected to the same Gmail account (because multiple channels is a supported feature on YouTube.) How should I connect the additional channels to my Brave Publishers account without having a separate email address for each one?

I tried emailing your support, but I got an autoreply that I needed to sign up for your forums and ask here instead. Done.

Update: I received a response from email support. There is an open issue on GitHub to support multiple properties per creator here:

That’s everything I needed from this thread.

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