How to verify 2 youtube channels on 1 google account!?

Dear community help me solve a problem:

I have multiple youtube channels on my google acc. I already added one of these channels, but i need add another one (both channels on same google acc)

I tried add my second channel with 60k+ subs, but after i choose my google acc, I don’t see an option of choosing channels, so I can’t choose any channel in my acc. After i tried add one more channel on same acc it says: “You have already registered this YouTube channel”;. But i haven’t, coz I need a different channel on same acc.

BTW this channel with 60k set as default on youtube, but in any case your system choose to add my another channel on this google acc =((

How can I choose 2nd youtube channel to verify !??!

Or may be switch to right one (channel i really want to be verified)???

Thank you!

Hi @cotocot,

I’m currently looking through your issue, trying to reproduce on my end.

CC’ing @Asad for an extra set of eyes.

Thanks a lot!!!
I hope U’ll find a solution, coz it’s important for me connect my main account!!!

Thanks ones again!


I already emailedyou yesterday.
What kind of information i have to send?

I emailed on this ( [email protected] ) mail 02.04.2019

And didn’t receive any replies

I made tutorial video about brave browser, for my main crypto channel with 60k subs, but without verification of this channel it makes no sense - publish this video…

I’d like publish this video before brave ads finish testing period….

Please help me solve this issue.

Thank U.

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