Adding 2 Youtube Channels under 1 Account in Brave Rewards

I have 2 Youtube accounts under the same Google account, which means that when I log into youtube, i already have the option of switching between these accounts because 1 is a brand account, and 1 is a personal account. The Brave rewards verification only allows me to add my personal channel (which I don’t use) and not my brand channel, which is the main channel that I use. It automatically will add my personal channel without giving me the option to choose between the two. When I try to add another Youtube channel, it just says that it already added it, but doesn’t confirm that my brand channel is added. I tried removing the channel, and then logging back into the youtube account, then adding the channel again, and it still automatically chooses the personal channel.

Hi @nonelikejoshua - please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks!

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