How do I add a Youtube brand account

When I click add Youtube Channel on the page
It automatically adds my default Youtube channel, but I have a so called brand account on Youtube under the same email where I publish my videos. How do I add my brand account to Brave Rewards instead of my default account?

That´s strange. When you link a youtube channel under an account with multiple channels in it, it should ask you what channel to add to your pannel. In my case i have two channels, the default channel created by YT and my brand channel.

Looking into this – can you please send me a DM with the email you use to login to your publisher account so that I can take a look on my end?

Thanks for the reply @ambrocioisaias2808!
Since it worked for you I gave it another go and managed to add my brand account. I must have missed that part on my first attempt and just selected my main account. Then when I removed it and tried to add my brand account instead, it would just skip that part and automatically add what I had selected before.

So the solution was to clear my browsing history + cache, then I had to log in to my Youtube account again which gave me the option to select my brand account instead.


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