Youtube CC captioning keep turning on by themselves

Hi so every time I open up a youtube tab and start watching videos I fidn the CC on the video is turned on and I have to turn them off again, they stay turned off until I close the tab and open up again if I enter a new tab in the same session or end the current browsing session as a whole and start again.

I’m not too savy when it comes to internet browsing lingo and I apologize for that but I assume this has something to do with a cookie setting in the browser if anyone can just guide me on which setting is causing this to happen and if possible is there a way to add an exception on just youtube or will the setting have to be turned off/on globally on everything else.

thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

@BiigYoshii Most likely you have it turned on in your YouTube settings. I’m not sure if this link will take you to it, but check out or otherwise YouTube → Settings → Playback & Performance

You’ll see checkboxes that talk about captions. You’ll want to disable those.

I could be wrong, but I’m assuming that’s your issue. If so, then your settings there prioritize captions and would try to show them on each video. So your toggling temporarily does it, but until you toggle the global default…

Then again, hard to say. I know with the auto-generated captions unchecked, mine rarely shows anything. If yours is already off, then might need to try to clear your cookies/site settings from the browser and give it another shot.


alright I feel like an idiot now. for some reason this never happens on my phone or iPad so I assumed the problem was purley on the desktop version of Brave, so I never bothered to check YT’s settings . but clearly I was wrong the setting was infact turned on. thank you so much for your help :slight_smile: .

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