How do we activate closed captions within the browser?

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Description of the issue:
Closed Captions does not come on when videos play within the browser.
How can this issue be reproduced?
Any video played there is no auto-generated closed captions

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
couldn’t find it in about brave
Additional Information:

@dsilverman closed captions are based on the video player and nothing to do with the browser. If you’re looking for Live Captions, that’s a Google product and only available on Chrome overall. It’s not been implemented in Brave at this time.

Closed captions work perfectly fine for me on YouTube, anime sites, Amazon Prime, etc. Where are you having issues with closed captions?

I am using Brave (love it) and on the we site for Vectric watching training videos. that captions are not showing up like they do when not using Brave.

@dsilverman I just visited what I think you’re speaking of, such as

From what I see, they are using embedded YouTube videos. Have you actually made sure to turn on Closed Captioning for it?


Link to what I navigated to was

If you can share link and/or screenshot of where you say it’s not working, I can see if able to replicate.

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