YouTube audio lag

I’m getting this god awful lag/crackling sound with YouTube steaming, sound via Bluetooth, every few mins. If I use Chrome it’s flawless… but I just have to put up with the ads. Streams that don’t have ads embedded are also flawless in both browsers. So I can only assume, that when using brave, the lag is caused by the ad in the background trying to load.
Also, I’m getting a popup in YouTube that pauses the steam and asks if I’m still listening, never seen that before using this browser, some days it’s every hour and some it never even pops up, random. :thinking:

Samsung Galaxy A21s
Latest browser version

Hey @Nafe,

Sounds like a strange issue, so apologies if I can’t solve it, but I’ll do my best. The first thing I can think of suggesting is trying it without Brave Shields activated, and seeing if it lags after that. Also, what bluetooth device are you using? I tried playing some videos with my own set of bluetooth headphones and found no issues on my end, so I just want to make sure.

Sorry I completely forgot about this 🤦 anyways… my phone was updated the other day and since that… no more audio lag, touch wood that fixed it. If it happens again though I’ll let you know :+1:

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