Your Chrome browser version is not supported, please use Chrome44 or older version of it

I’m running browser version 1.41.100 on Windows 10 (21H2 )and need to access a website that only supports older browsers (see error in title)

Is there a way to do the equivalent of IE mode in Edge browser?
I tried 'Allow Insecure Content ’ on the site settings but that didn’t make a difference.

Internet Explorer works for that site but I want to keep using Brave

Many thanks

Unfortunately no, I do not believe there is an equivalent of that for Brave/Chrome. Out of curiosity, if you are comfortable doing so, can you tell me what site this is? I’d like to take a look on my end and see if there is another workaround I can find.

It’s a security system called QVIS that has inbuilt web server to view live feeds

Does it work in standard Chrome?

Standard Chrome has the same message. Thanks

Have you reached out to the site on fixing the cert issues, Chrome 44 (or older) is a huge security risk.

It’s actually a local recording device that hooks into my network and presents a web interface for viewing live feeds. I’ve tried reaching out to he manufacturer to point this out but not much luck so far. Thanks for the reply.

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