Your Chrome browser version is not supported, please use Chrome44 or older version of it

I’m running browser version 1.41.100 on Windows 10 (21H2 )and need to access a website that only supports older browsers (see error in title)

Is there a way to do the equivalent of IE mode in Edge browser?
I tried 'Allow Insecure Content ’ on the site settings but that didn’t make a difference.

Internet Explorer works for that site but I want to keep using Brave

Many thanks

Unfortunately no, I do not believe there is an equivalent of that for Brave/Chrome. Out of curiosity, if you are comfortable doing so, can you tell me what site this is? I’d like to take a look on my end and see if there is another workaround I can find.

It’s a security system called QVIS that has inbuilt web server to view live feeds

Does it work in standard Chrome?

Standard Chrome has the same message. Thanks