You’re in an unsupported country for Brave Creators with Uphold

Yesterday in October 31 of 2022 brave listed Mongolia in unsupported country list. I have been using brave fro 3 years and earning my ads. My publisher account was verified but last evening when i checked it’s no longer in supported list. But brave did not put Mongolia in unsupported country list. Very sad why unfairly acting against small country?

I know brave modes will ignore me and will close my thread right after they see.

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We’re constantly in communication with our custodial partners (Uphold, Gemini, etc.) to see if and how quickly we can bring back support for different countries like Mongolia.

See for the latest list:

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My 12.6 bat hard earning from October, 2022 is gone. I did not receive it. But I can see on my brave nighty rewards page that saying Congrats! Your October rewards have arrived! I did check my uphold there is no recent transaction. Sad

take a look attached screenshot of my brave rewards page

wish you all and thanks…

Please, bring support to Puerto Rico, I use Brave a lot and I’ve been earning BAT from Ads for a few years now, thanks in advance!

why do you give the same generic reply,these are real people that we are talking about here. thats just an answer to stagnate, and im beginning to really not like brave and seriously thinking of ditching it especially because all my favourite youtube podcasts and shows who use this service are getting band

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