Yellow face does not appear on Brave icon, and red one is cut in half


Immediately after rebooting Windows, two of my four Brave profiles (that use the green and blue colours) appear with the full face in the bottom-right corner of the taskbar icon, however the yellow one does not appear at all, and the red one has half the red face cut in half.

Here is a screenshot :

This happens after each reboot of Windows. This issue appears to be with the small face images. When the profile is activated, and the face images become larger, they all usually appear, though this doesn’t always happen. The red face goes from being cut in half to being the full face when it’s activated.

I do occasionally have issues with the yellow face that doesn’t open up (i.e. clicking on the icon doesn’t open the browser), and I have to open it from a different instance, but I think that would be a separate issue, and I’ve seen other posts that sound similar.

Please let me know if you’d like any more info.

Now the yellow face has disappeared from the Brave icon in the taskbar during normal usage. All the other taskbar icons are unaffected. From memory, this has happened multiple times before, but I can’t recall if it happens every time or not.

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