(Win 10) icon in the taskbar appears twice

Description of the issue: (Win 10) icon in the taskbar appears twice

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a new user profile in Brave
  2. Add Brave to taskbar
  3. Open Brave from the taskbar

Actual Result: brv_us_task

Expected result: The Brave icon should only be “opened once” instead of twice.

Reproduces how often: Always

Operating System and Brave Version:
Windows 10 1903 - Brave: 0.66.99

Additional Information:
The “bug” occurred with one of the last updates.
Normally you click on the icon, and Brave opens “only once” instead of displaying a new icon with the user photo.
Here the mistake happens that one clicks several times on the left icon, which opens several Brave windows.

I hope you understand what I mean ^^

Edit: That’s what it looks like when I open Thunderbird:

sorry am confused couldn’t follow the instructions to recreate the problem

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1. Create a new user profile in Brave

2. Add Brave to taskbar

Drag Brave icon with the left mouse button to the taskbar

After that.

3. Open Brave from the taskbar

found an bug am not sure if this what you are talking about . Followed your instructions but then closed the first user, when I clicked on original brave icon for the first users on the taskbar it opened the second user profile brave

Normally Brave, like all other programs, should be opened with a blue bar under the first and only Brave icon (see Thunderbird) - not with a 2nd icon in the task bar.

That is normal for creating additional user. It creates a shortcut for the new user

But since I can’t edit the default user “Profile 1”, I have to make a new one (actually only because of the profile picture :face_with_hand_over_mouth:).

I still don’t like the current state, however, if I want to switch to the desktop with ALT + Tab and quickly open Brave, I often open a new (half) Brave window.

Often I notice this too late, have several pages open, but then I always have to switch between both windows to get to the open sides of the other window.

Another solution I use is Copy & Past to copy the tabs from one window to the other and close the first.

And this process can happen to me with any desktop switch!

Result: Not so bulging :thinking:

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