Yahoo mail login asks me to allow cookies to login, cookies r allowed, can't log in

even when i turn off VPN, shields down, yahoo email, i enter email id, enter, message is “allow cookies to login”. can’t get past this point. i wish i could include a screenshot. i posted in Support, member suggested Guest Window which worked but that’s not a permanent fix so i’m posting in feedback.

You can try removing all extensions and see if that’s the issue. Normally, when the same works in a new profile / guest profile, this is the solution.

SmartyAadi, checking, i don’t have any extensions.
thanks for the reply!


Click on the lock icon in the URL bar → Site settings → Clear data

SmartyAadi, i did exactly as u said, cleared for just yahoo mail but still get enable cookies from brave or yahoo as above. i get no obstruction from any other sites i log in since using brave about 5 years. and it worked in yahoo mail always except starting 2 months ago.
thanks for all the tips!


Illl Tag a Support team member.
@Mattches could you please assist?

Can you tell me what OS you’re using at this time? I was able to login to yahoo mail in Brave stable with default settings without any issue.

After clearing site data, can you please turn Shields on and leave them at default settings, and also uncheck the Stay signed in option and tell me if this works? If it does not, we may need to clear your browsing data more thoroughly as I’m assuming that the issue you’re seeing is isolated to your profile data.