Words are overlapping in Google sheet, docs

Hi, I’m facing a minor issue in google Sheets and docs. I’m not able to clearly see the words and letters as they are getting overlapped. Also the formatting is getting out of sync. @JimB1

Did you setup any specific screen size other than 100% or any other setting that affects the way things are displayed?

Also, disable all your extensions, restart the browser and check if you still face the problem. It may be one of the extensions.

I work intensively with google sheets and all is showing perfectly for me.

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No, didn’t change any settings or screen size.
Also tried your suggestion didn’t work, its same as before.


  1. Open brave://settings/clearBrowserData and clear browsing data.
  2. Open brave://settings/help , click on version, downloand setup and reinstall Brave.
  3. Open brave://settings/help and click on Relaunch.

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