Google Sheets Almost Unusable on Ubuntu 20.04

Description of the issue:
Google Sheets spreadsheets alignment of data in columns is messed up everytime a sheet is opened. The same sheets display fine on Brave in Windows.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Access any Google Sheet spreadsheet containing columns of figures, using Brave.

Expected result:
It should display the figures within their respective columns.

Actual Result
Some data are shifted right or left outside of their defined columns and often overlapping with the data in those other columns.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Release V 1.32.115 (Dec 8, 2021)

Additional Information:
This happens for me using almost all of my spreadsheets, in all of my user profiles on multiple Ubuntu PC’s.

I can workaround this but it’s tedious and involves opening Brave settings and adjusting the font sizes, then refreshing the spreadsheet to see if it is fixed. However, the fix is only temporary as after restarting brave, I have to do the same again, even though the settings previously selected were saved - it just no longer fixes it and I have to select a different font size again!

This situation hasn’t only recently occurred. I think it’s been like if from the beginning but I only just returned to using the Linux desktop as I’ve been using company laptop for a year or two.

See example below:

Should look like this:

I think this can be closed.

As requested, I rechecked this with shields disabled and found that it was when using strict fingerprint blocking, which was causing the problem. After I changed it to standard, it worked. Apologies for not checking that sooner.

Many thanks for a great browser!

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