Text not aligning correctly in Google Sheets

Text in Google Sheets is not aligning properly with Brave. It predominantly happens when it is supposed to be centered, but it also does not render well text that is supposed to be clipped.

How it should look like (screenshot from Chrome, it also looks like this on Edge Dev based on Chromium):

How it looks like in Brave:

Example of text overflowing:

Windows 10 x64 1809, Brave version 0.62.51

While on Google Sheets, try opening your Shields panel and changing the Device Recognition setting to Allow all Device Recognition and see if this has any effect.

Thanks @Mattches, that worked!
Why is that happening?

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The site is requesting to detect what size/res your screen is so that it can properly draw images in correct proportions. This setting blocks that so Sheets essentially has to make a “best guess” about the screen dimensions.

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