Will I get my money on the browser that was on a broken hard drive late april 2022?

Hi everyone. I lost my brave browser on my work PC because the hard drive broke. It is not a problem in terms of number of connections to uphold as your support told me that it is becoming unlimited soon enough.
But will I ever be able to retrieve the BAT I had there ? I’ve got the wallet payment ID among other things.

It was on Windows 10 Pro.

My wallet was verified to Uphold since the middle of march 2022.

I received in April 2022 the March 2022 reward.

I was using no VPN.

I am in France, a supported region. The device passed the SafteyNet test.

I have turned off auto-contribute.

I can provide the wallet payment ID screenshot and other things if asked by a support team.

EDIT : I think I just received it, which means it worked out as planned o/

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