Will I get My Earnings at least This Month

Dear Experts, Will i get my earnings at least this month. because I am waiting for the past 2 months, i verified my upload account (on FEB 3 2019). My account has 3k BAT. Kindly clarify. Thank You.

Hi @techgurutamil,

If you have your verified Uphold account connected to your publisher account, then it’ll be sent. If there’s no issue. :slight_smile:

Till now i did not received. I have verified and connected my upload account.

Same here If you receive payment then plz tell me also

If i got the payment, i will let you know

Hi @techgurutamil and @Avinash20,

Payments are being processed today, and wallet balances will be updated in the next couple of days.

Thanks for your patience!

I got my payment today.


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