Payout progress sep 2020

Hello, I open this thread to know the status of the payment not yet received for the month, the content creator payments thread is still open and says processing but my payment corresponding to my uphold account has not yet arrived @steeven



Processing - it means that it has not yet done.

the problem is the thread is not updated since 7 days ago

Just wait. It will update if its finished. I have a same issue . I already dm @steeven but it has not action. No choice but we need to wait.

i have been asking @steeven for almost 10 days

Day before yesterday he said he filed an issue with the dev team to review my account

Nothing happened

I assure that you won’t get your BAT credited to your account anytime soon

You will have to wait another 30 days for next month payout and most probably it wont be credited too.

@steeven Will July’s pending payment remain for next month?

Payments have completed.

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@pubgkidie, your issue is being investigated, I assure you. Thank you for your patience.

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but they didn’t pay me for the month of July @steeven

I understand how now the payment period is closed and my account had a known error already here in several posts, I lost the payment for the month, or am I wrong?

Hi Steven. Are we on a freezer period? And also since the payout is complete, may I know why we are still not seeing the “Next Desposit Date”? Because my BAT is not moving as well since three days ago which normally does even with a little amount. Thanks

I update the payment of September has been closed but in my case the payment did not arrive due to various errors, any solution for this? @steeven

my Uphold is verificated
my balance is from July referrals


Hey @Gus1610, we’re still looking into that issue. You’ll be paid any BAT due.


Thank you @steeven for reply

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