Will brave sync work if I link only one device to chain, then format that device?


I’m using brave on my android phone. I have setup brave sync on it but it’s the only device on that chain. I don’t want to link it to my pc bc I have a separate chain for that.

I’m using sync on my phone bc I’m about to format my device and install a new rom. I want to be able to restore brave with my bookmarks and account logins intact. Will brave sync work like this? I suspect it won’t bc from my understanding brave sync doesn’t use a “cloud” and it just syncs between devices.



Apologies for late response @boggle247,

AFAIK, it’ll be deleted because Brave Sync is not a “back-up”. But let me cc @sriram @Mattches for confirmation.



@eljuno is correct in that Sync is not a “backup” service. However, in this particular scenario, Sync should work the way you’d like it to – Ensure that you have a Sync chain with all the relevant data already started. Ensure that you have your Sync passphrase saved, written down, memorized or otherwise noted somewhere or you will not be able to resync your data.

Once reformatted, when you download Brave and access Sync, the device you’re using will be added as a “new” device to the chain.

Please let me know if any of this is unclear.



Interesting. So is brave sync tied to a block chain then? Because if the data was stored locally, there’s no way it would exist after reformatting… Unless I’m misunderstanding how it works.



Not quite – data is sent to servers on our side which houses the data. The data is encrypted on the user’s end and only user holds the keys to decrypt the data (so we remain blind to it’s contents or who’s data it is).

Here’s some further reading for you on the subject. Note that the article is a bit out of date (in process of updating this presently) but the core principals/code functions the same way:

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Gotcha. Thanks for the explanation!

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My pleasure!
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