Brave sync broken!

I reset my phone quite regularly, flash different system , etc. So the sync is crucial for me !

Out of 10+ devices there I only have actual 2 physical devices in the chain. Rest are old android versions…

Anyways all was working well but all of a sudden I lost access to brave sync about a month ago. I did several OS flashes , factory resets and such but the sync is still not working. I logged in via those words , but am stuck on loading devices… It never loads anything.

I checked : brave://sync-internals

And there it says uninitialised… all ok but not loading anything…

Something is broken with the servers…


@Mattches halp , my sync looks like is throttled

So do you currently have any devices that are added to the chain?

I have one that’s still in the chain , when I checked the chain on it only 2 devices used to show up - I reset my phone again in the meantime and now it doesn’t show up at all xd

So only 1 device left in the chain…


Sorry for the late reply here and if I’m misunderstanding your situation, but now that you only have one device left on the chain, you should be able to re-add your phone to the chain using the I have a Sync code option.

Does this not work for you?

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