Will a VPN such as ProtonVPN cause issues with Brave Rewards?

I was thinking about getting a VPN such as ProtonVPN however I am wondering will this cause issues with the Brave Rewards system such as loss of BAT?

I cannot speak to ProtonVPN. But I use Avira PhantomVPN, and am having a similar problem. My rewards, BAT, passwords, and homepage settings keep resetting. Just started two weeks ago. It seems a bit more work “under the hood” is called for.

Whassup, Brave?

So I should not use a VPN with brave?

As a customer, I can’t answer that, except to say that
EVERYONE should use a VPN, and it’s the browser’s job to be down with that.

Brave worked fine with my Avira PhantomVPN for months, until very recently, I hope I can fix it, I really do like this browser for the most part.

Brave discourages the use of VPN to trick the rewards system. However, there seems to be people that do not use VPN and still didn´t receive the BATs. It’s a lottery.

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I believe from what I have heard from these forums is that it is okay to use a VPN so long as you stay within your country. Hence don’t say youre from France and you Live in Canada… If you live in the US, California, I believe it is okay to say you are from Florida. I still would not risk it however.

A browser cannot prevent you from using a VPN, in addition to being one more pillar in the protection of users.

I use VPN + Adguard without problems with Brave. The less ISPs, governments and websites know the better.

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