Wikipedia tool says the browser (Brave) is using an adblocker
The website doesn’t have ads or trackers (so there’s no need to block it) but it says “your ad blocker may prevent some metrics from being shown because they contain the word pageview.”
@fanboynz could you please check?

@gmacar ,
Can you please provide more information on your system/setup so that we can try and reproduce the issue?

@Mattches some sites that use the anti-adblocker script sometimes can detect brave as using an adblocker even with the shields of.

@gmacar when that have happened to me, I set the shields I. Aggressive mode in some cases it helps if not then I disable the shields and report the site as broken, some days after that I visit the site again in works normally (this have worked for me in two occasions):grin:

It happens with any version of Brave (desktop and mobile) regardless of the device. You just have to click the URL I provided earlier.

I personally don’t get the issue. My guess is that you have some sort of setting on.

That is what @Mattches is talking about. He wants to know what exact Brave settings you have on.

Default settings. Indeed, it happens on my Windows machine, Linux machine, and Android phone. More specifically, Shields (default settings) blocks their “ad block test” script, although there are no ads or trackers.

Immagine 2021-01-29 212914

Thanks everyone.
I’ve reached out to @fanboynz to take a look at this. Should have some more info from him soon — appreciate your patience.

Out of curiosity, do you have any plug-ins installed? Also have you tried creating a whole new profile to see if that fixes it? I’m sure they will want you to try that sometime.

I suppose by “plug-ins” you mean extensions; it can’t depend on extensions simply because Brave for Android doesn’t support them and it has none.

The only explanation I can think of is that the “ad_block_test.js” script (see the picture) tries to run on my devices and, for some reason, not on yours. In any case, that kind of script must be on some blacklist, and it should be delisted because it is harmless. @fanboynz may know where it is blacklisted.

Removed filter in question, give it 24-48hrs.

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