Why you are giving a little bit of amount BAT in payment?

Hlw @steeven sir, i earn 1.9 bat in previous month till 30 april.
After waiting a long time you send payment of just 0.25 bat. .
Is it a joke?.
Are you kidding.
Atleast please send 1 bat where r already earn 1.9 bat till 30 april and 2.88 bat till today.

Its not fare. If you do like this then we have to take a decision and leave the browser.

So please check it.

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Some thing Happen with me only recieved 0.250 BAT

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Now what to do.? After wait a long time just receive 0.25 bat…
While i get 2.88 bat till today.
Brave is kidding with us…

tag it @steeven and repost same msg.

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Tag done. Now see that whar happen.

Same issue. Only got 3 bat while the estimated reward was 11 bat.(plus it was payment for 2 months, I didn’t get the april payout)


Why brave is doing like this dont know. Ater long time wating just e little bit of bat… Where our earning is also more than the payout

You atleast got the payment but I’m still waiting for it. @steeven


Personally i have 25 bat in all ans they have sent me almost nothing like you

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Same happened to me. . .

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If they dont pay me than i’ll be more happy…
Just. 0.25 bat/

And vro i have 4 device with brae browser link with my uphold account. But i only get one device payment . and its only just 0.25 bat.

Same happens to me frequently, I get significantly less than the estimate screen shows on the last day of the month.

Same issue here.they can’t pay us proper.

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I have 4 device with brae browser link with my uphold account. But they only send one device payment. Just 0.25 bat

Yes bro. They laso did not pay me another 3 device payment… They ae kidding with us.

Me 2, I received 186 ads and supposed to received 5.633 BAT, but they just payed me 0.25 BAT.

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Same. And i only received my one device payment. Another 3 device is still not get payment

But i find nothing reward decress when i check all browser reward.

same thing happened to me… after watching all the ads… all I’ve got is 0.8 BAT out of 3 BAT

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same vro @steeven please help us sir