Received Less Amount of BAT

First of all thank you Brave Support Team for Payment of march month, but there is a problem with my payment. The Profiles in My PC and Laptop Receives less amount than actual. On PC Profile My Estimated Earning Was 3.25 BAT but received only 2 BAT Token. On the other hand My Laptop Profile Estimated Earning was 2.5 BAT But Received only 1.750 BAT. Please Help me to solve this issue. @steeven

A lot of us were affected by the short payments. I think the mid-month claim might have been to compensate. It seems to be a repeat of the same short-payment again for some of us. But in my case I can see the balance carried over (in March and April) so technically I still have it. I know they’ve been investigating, found the issue and are rolling out the fix now. Personally I’m hoping it’ll all sort itself out now in the next payment and go back to normal.

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