PoW captcha questions

My issue: being forced to deal with PoW captchas to use brave search, likely because i am accessing it with a VPN (proton). there is another thread on this forum with complaints about this.


  • are the PoW captchas using my hardware to mine crypto?
  • do brave vpn users get hit with them or just competitors’ VPN users?
  • do premium search users get hit with them?

Appreciate any clarification.

any brave ppl here that can answer?

Cc: @Mattches @Saoiray @steeven @GuardianTeam

No. Brave never does anything to mine crypto.

And Brave, as a privacy focused browser, never uses your hardware or anything for purposes other than is necessary for the features you’re using and have authorized it. (such as Hardware Acceleration will use your graphics card to render video and all, in order to provide better performance.)

Unfortunately not a lot of people are sharing information to know. Overall Search team has made adjustments a few times where VPN shouldn’t be causing an issue. I had brought it up a while ago and was going to start collecting information to help investigate, but people didn’t respond with info so I dropped it. I may start a new topic here for data gathering purposes to pass along to Search to see if they can isolate the issue a bit more.

Not sure about this, but I’m assuming they still get it. Captchas on Brave are to reduce burdens on their servers and to prevent spam or other types of malicious activity.


thank you. i was manly concerned with the mining question so appreciate the answer

Great response @Saoiray!