Why the title to the right of the taskbar icon?

Hi folks!

I have it set in Brave under Win11 so that the updates happen automatically. I now assume that a recent update must be to blame for the fact that next to the Brave icon in the taskbar is now the title text of the current browser window. I, for one, did not set this and unfortunately I could not find a setting to disable this nonsense.

BTW: What has interested me for a long time is why the download bar at the bottom of the browser - in case a download starts - is three times higher than necessary? Since I can’t customize this nonsense anywhere, I had to hide this bar.

I would be interested to know if it is intended to drive us users crazy on a regular basis. You can integrate unnecessary functions, but at least ask the adults when restarting the browser if they want these toys. I do not need them.


I’m not sure if others will have better luck, but I personally don’t comprehend what you’re saying. I just can’t picture it. Do you think you could share a screenshot?

For example, you mention the taskbar and Brave icon. This is what I see on Windows 11…


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